Hair Consultants
Make-up Consultants
Daniela LeCorchey
Hair stylist - founder
Victoria De Los Rios
Make-up artist
Denise Gevaras
Make up Artist
Kelly DeLisa
Hair stylist
Zahira  Torres
Hair stylist
All artists that are affiliated with BT's have been selected based on my  professional experience.  I  pride myself on working
together with an incredibly talented and easy going team.  I can assure you that if I was to get married, I would have a hard time
choosing an artist - since all of them would be my  top choice.
* Each member operates as an independent business and refers these wedding professionals based on their
agreement to abide by the above business practices.
Dina Gardner
make up artist
Fitness and Nutrition
Sheryl  Oeftering Fitness and
Nutrition Expert
Michelle Torres
Hair stylist
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